About This Website

I’m in my mid 20s, just graduated from college, and I already feel like there’s too many things I need to take care of in my life.
Life, health, things I love and home labs… (maybe I asked for it lol)
2 days ago my Hugo website broke, headers and footers are gone, maybe from a theme update. So I thought combining the portfolio and blog together and just host on GitHub.
After 2 days of looking for a good theme, I’m tired… too tired to care.
So here we are, no-style-please by riggraz

What about the old contents

The old contents are still on the site, clearly categorized and listed. We just don’t have a search anymore.

Why Jekyll

After using Jekyll, Hugo’s structure didn’t make sense to me. I won’t say It’s hard to maintain, but I just don’t like it anymore.

What happened to the old website

It disappeared, bombed, died.

Your website looks ugly now

Do I look like the type of guy who cares?
The only thing you need to focus is the content. Nothing else.
If you are my hiring manager, sorry about my website not as pretty as others, but it’s easier for me to maintain, looks minimal and straight forward.

Will the website stay like this?

Maybe, maybe not. As a big tinker, this probably won’t stay long, we will see.